Arctic Summer Hard Seltzer: Crafted with Polar Seltzer

Raspberry Lime Can
Black Cherry Can
5% Alc/vol
Low Carb
Naturally Gluten-Free

Think carbonated water is seltzer? Think again.

Arctic Summer is the hard seltzer for people who genuinely love seltzer. All Arctic Summer recipes feature Polar Seltzer as the key ingredient.

This means that the same proprietary carbonation style and natural fruit flavors and aromas that Polar has been perfecting for generations lend a hand to make Arctic Summer as bubbly, light, and flavorful as possible!

The Dangerously Refreshing Taste of Real Seltzer

Polar’s signature carbonation
Natural fruit flavors and essences
1 gram of sugar or less per can
No artificial sweeteners
Naturally Gluten-Free
5% ABV

Our Hard Seltzers

Nothing beats the ice cold, tingling satisfaction of drinking Arctic Summer Hard Seltzer.

Arctic Summer is 5% ABV, 110 calories, and has 1g of sugar or less per serving. For those of you with specific dietary lifestyles, you will be happy to know that we are naturally gluten-free, vegan, and keto-friendly!

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